Quench your thirst to learn Bollywood dance with Sirens Dance

The immense popularity of Bollywood dance all over the world has created a craze to learn this art form and has specifically created a “need” to establish Bollywood dance workshops and school all around the world. To quench this craze and specifically this “need” of an exclusive Bollywood dance experience in Australia, Sirens Dance Australia brings you the very best of Bollywood to your doorstep. The Sirens organizes workshops and dance schools to fulfill your thirst to learn this fun, energetic dance form. With years of teaching at studios such as Sydney Dance Company and a regular class on Saturdays at Dance Central, Sirens Dance will make you feel like a Bollywood star. Know more at http://sirensdance.com.au

Make your celebrations awesome with Sirens Dance

Sirens Dance, the premier Bollywood dance company in Australia, can pump up the mood of your celebration such as a wedding, birthday or any other event. Bollywood movies and dances are well known to be a celebration of life. Now you too can make this dance form a part of your celebrations as we extend our services to you. Sirens Dance can perform at your celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, etc. and add an element of exotic glamour to it. Each and every show is thoughtfully tailored to create the ideal atmosphere for your function. Get all the details at http://sirensdance.com.au

Add glitter to your corporate events with Sirens Dance

Sirens Dance is a Bollywood dance company in Australia. With years of experience and service, we have established ourselves as the premier Bollywood dance company in Australia. If you need to provide the best entertaining performances at your corporate event, call us. We will ensure that the crowd is thoroughly entertained throughout the show with our dance moves to popular Bollywood songs. Bollywood dance performances add a fun element to your events with its vibrancy and fancy dance numbers. Also the colourful costumes do the trick. Now add some glitter to your event by hiring the professionals to enthrall the crowd at your event with an amazing performance. Get all the details at http://sirensdance.com.au

Add an exotic element to your function with Bollywood dance

Bollywood dance moves are very vibrant and colourful. Introducing Bollywood dance in a celebration such as a wedding or a birthday party is a great way to add an exotic element to your event. One can make sure that the guests are fully entertained and your event turns out to be great fun. The popularity of this dance form has seen an increased growth in the recent years with many of the professionals and enthusiasts now performing this dance form in corporate parties, celebrations, birthday parties and all other sorts of social gatherings. Hire the best in Australia and thrill your audience with an amazing dance performance from Sirens Dance. Get more information at http://sirensdance.com.au

Why has Bollywood dance become so popular?

One of the major identities of India is Bollywood. Bollywood dance has a cult following in India and is now spreading at a fast pace all over the world. The Bollywood dance from has now made a mark as a unique freestyle dance form at the global level. There seems to be a raging craze to learn the unique moves made by the famous Indian movie stars. People love this dance form because of its vibrancy and association with colourful dresses. The unique dance moves that are often a fusion between classical Indian dances with Western dance forms is also a reason for its popularity. Learn from the best at Sirens Dance. Get more information at http://sirensdance.com.au

Clients favorite dance group

Bollywood forms one of the major characteristics of Indian cinema. There is a moving connection between the major part of the Indian population and Bollywood movies, songs, dialogues and dance. It has now made a mark as a freestyle exclusive dance form at the universal level.

Ramona lobo founded the Sirens dance group 7 years ago with 8 other proficient  dancers to spread the Bollywood charm across Australia. They perform at company events, weddings, festivals, birthday parties and special landmark celebrations. They even perform for TV and Film shows and conduct dancing classes for all age groups. For further guidance visit http://sirensdance.com.au

Ramona lobo’s Bollywood dance group

Over the past few years, Bollywood films have become their own distinctive unit, given upsurge to a new distinction of dance form, and have developed into a globally renowned and respected sensation. From 1950s to this day various dance forms have ruled Bollywood that includes classical, cabaret, disco, free styles and western dance forms.

There are various dance groups across the world that promotes Bollywood dance forms. But one of the leading one is Sirens dance group of Australia. The group is headed by Ramona Lobo with 8 other efficient dancers who perform and teach Bollywood dance across countries. Feel free to visit http://sirensdance.com.au.

Dance with Bollywood

Everyone loves to dance at marriages, birthday parties, office events and more. The Bollywood free style of dancing is one of the easiest and the coolest way of dancing. The costumes, locations and the dancers of Bollywood are very much loved. There is craze among people to learn the Bollywood moves and for which they join dance classes.

Sirens dance group is one such group which performs and even teaches Bollywood dance forms at their place in Sydney, Australia. Classes include Bollywood basic simple steps for all age groups and even workshops for school children. For more information just visit http://sirensdance.com.au

Sirens dance group of Sydney

Bollywood is originated from two names Bombay and Hollywood of America. It is the world’s largest film industry in terms of movies made and tickets sold each year. With Bollywood, their dance forms are also the most followed and performed at any event in India and even in other countries.

Sirens dance group of Sydney is a dance group which mainly focuses on the Bollywood dance form and performs that at various events. It was formed 7 years ago by Ramona lobo to show Australia the elegance of Bollywood and its dance styles. For more information regarding booking, artist, venues feel free to visit http://sirensdance.com.au

Sydney loves Bollywood

Bollywood is the industry loved by people all over the world. Not only are the movie stars famous and loved but the Bollywood dance forms are loved and performed by every fan across the globe. The dance forms include classical, semi classical, disco and the western being the recent entry into Bollywood.

Bollywood free style of dancing is the most followed and favored one. Sirens dance group of Sydney is a group which spreads Bollywood culture across the world through their dance performances in various events. For any celebrations, corporate events, birthday parties or TV programs, you can contact sirens group at http://sirensdance.com.au