Make Your TV Show Even Enticing with Sirens Dance

Bollywood dance has been one of the most famous dance forms and never fails to bat an eye. Thus there are many TV shows who hire professional dancers to make it look enchanting and Sirens Dance has just made it better. With years of experience practicing Bollywood dance, Sirens Dance has excelled the art and, having performed in many renowned shows has given them the desired on-camera experience as well. So if you planning on adding some spice to your TV or film, just get in touch with Sirens Dance and experience the grandeur of Bollywood at your own show. To hire, visit


Sirens Dance: Taking Bollywood Dance Culture to Students

Having been practicing Bollywood dance form for years and understanding its essence among the younger generations, Sirens Dance has decided to take this dance form to the students and brings them the joy of this dance form into their schools. “Bollywood & Beyond” is one its own types of platforms which has been an interactive journey in schools throughout India. They have an experience in dance teaching as well and understand the basic of how to pass it on to the students, no matter of what age. So if you too need a session in your school for the students, visit and book the slot today!

Grab up your Enthusiasm for Dance with Sirens Dance

There have been observed an increase in number of individuals who have been enthusiastic about the Bollywood dance from but can’t really get a platform to take it furthermore. Sirens Dance has been dedicated towards the Bollywood style for long and now has provided a platform where one can attend the dance workshops and learn from the experts. Starting from the basic, Sirens Dance is ideal for any individual of any age and on any level. They have years of experience of studio teaching and thus are fluent in what they do. SO what are you waiting for? Visit and take up your enthusiasm to yet another level.

Celebration has Just Got Better with Sirens Dance

Who doesn’t like to celebrate occasions like birthday, anniversaries, weddings, festivals or even small milestones but how many really get the event organized? Well, we know not many! Thus, to make it simply amazing and even joyful, Sirens Dance has introduced its services and are there to be hired for your private family events & celebrations. The team has some most exotic and experienced dancers who can offer the ideal environment for your function by tailoring it to individual’s needs. Worried about the pricing? Sirens Dance offers the most competitive price you can ever find in the market! So don’t just wait and visit now.

Sirens Dance: For Live Entertainment at your Corporate Event

Whether it’s just a local party or some international conference being held at grand level, live entertainment never fails to steal the show and Sirens Dance has just made it even better for their corporate clients. Sirens Dance has been practicing Bollywood dance style for almost a decade and knows better how to grab the attention of the audience. Hire them for your corporate event night and you can observe even guests’ participation in the performance. They have in-house dhol players and DJs and can make your corporate event a hit for attendees. So don’t just wait! Visit to hire!

Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Participating In Dance Classes

Many children partake in some kind of physical fitness and there are exercises to fit almost every child’s prerequisite. Things like soccer, b-ball, aerobatic and more are all fun things for children to do, yet probably the most well known are dance classes. There are various diverse sorts of lessons, including a tap or expressive dance class. Regardless of whether you sign your tyke up for one class or have them in various diverse exercises, here are a portion of the life lessons that children can gain from taking an interest in move classes.

Move Classes Foster Teamwork

Cooperation is an imperative lesson to learn. Children who cooperate in an expressive dance class or other kind of class will have the capacity to utilize these lessons all through their whole life. Regardless of whether it’s in a scholarly setting or in the workplace, the capacity to work with others is a fundamental ability that will be utilized for quite a long time to come. Visit

Teaching bollywood dance or moves in school

Fun, Achievable Sessions

Your sessions should be fun, however they additionally should be organized such that the kids leave feeling like they’ve accomplished something. Each age level needs to learn something new – frequently without acknowledging they have learnt something new. Give them lively encounters and short, important words and developments that stick in their brains.


Keep in mind, youngsters require commendation. They should be told they have done well. Be that as it may, far better, they cherish a little symbol of respect – and what better one then a little, sparkly bindi? Ensure you check for mortar sensitivities – and guarantee they realize that they don’t have to take one on the off chance that they don’t need one. Likewise, give them the alternative of having a bindi on their brow or on the back of their hand. Keep in mind the instructors! Visit

What space will my artists or move troupe require?

The space required by your artist or troupe will shift extraordinarily as per the kind of show they exhibit. A performance rock artist for instance will have distinctive necessities to a performance ballet performer or jazz artist. Similarly, a substantial troupe of showgirls will presumably require a more extensive space than a road caballet gathering. In all cases, they will require adequate space to move unreservedly and without impediments, for example, columns or posts.

Your artists or dance organization should practice in the space before they perform, so you ought to enable time for them to get their bearings under wraps especially with the setting and the arrangement with any lighting or PA staff. Visit

What gear will my artists or move organization require?

Most dance troupes will require, as an outright least, a level performing surface or stage that is perfect and address of any issues, knots, or knocks! This is significant as the exact opposite thing artists need to do is stumble over something part of the way through a schedule.

Most move troupes don’t give their own particular lighting or PA hardware, despite the fact that this varies from organization to organization. All will give their own particular music, as they will perform to an arranged schedule, so do solicit time from booking if your setting has no PA accessible, as the organization might have the capacity to bring their own at additional cost. Visit

Showing Bollywood’s dance in school: tips

Try not to begin a session without an instructor available – and before you do the sessions guarantee the school realizes that you do anticipate that educators will participate. There is nothing more regrettable than an educator who sits in the corner checking homework! It makes an impression on the youngsters that this session isn’t imperative! No chance! Get them associated with the session. Most importantly let it be known to the instructors that they have to teach the kids – you are not there to train them. Likewise, if a kid makes a request to go to the latrine or some other excuse to leave the room – allude the demand to the educator. Furthermore, get the instructors to take an interest by moving closer to the youngsters. In the event that you are utilizing props – request that the instructor enable you to give them out/gather them. Get them included! Visit